Shortlists by male performance


Male performers in alphabetical order

Richard Addison: 1 nomination

2006–07 Man of the Moment, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Nominated


Fraser Ayres: 1 nomination

2003–04 The People Next Door, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


John Bett: 2 nominations

2003–04 Scenes From an Execution, Dundee Rep Theatre, Won

2009–10 The Government Inspector, Communicado, Nominated



David Birrell: 1 nomination

2010–11 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Dundee Rep Theatre, Won

Right: David Birell as Sweeney Todd with Ann Louise Ross as Mrs Lovett at Dundee Rep Pic: Douglas McBride


Stuart Bowman: 1 nomination

2011–12 Watching the Detective, A Play, a Pie and a Pint, Nominated


Liam Brennan: 3 nominations

2004–05 Othello, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated

2005–06 Tales from Hollywood, Perth Theatre, Won

2006–07 Tom Fool, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Dugald Bruce-Lockhart: 1 nomination

2005–06 Goethe's Faust Parts One & Two, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated


Sean Campion:1 nomination

2007–08 Carthage Must Be Destroyed, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Andy Clark: 2 nominations

2005–06 The Devil's Larder, Grid Iron, Nominated

2008–09 The Ching Room, A Play, a Pie and a Pint, Nominated


Stephen Clyde: 1 nomination

2011–12 A Midsummer Night's Dream, Bard in the Botanics, Won


Tony Cownie: 1 nomination

2004–05 A Madman Sings to the Moon, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated


Alan Cumming: 1 nomination

2012–13, Macbeth, National Theatre of Scotland, Won


Tam Dean Burn: 1 nomination

2007–08 Venus as a Boy, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated


Brian Ferguson: 1 nomination

2009–10 The Dark Things, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Alex Ferns: 1 nomination

2010–11 The Hard Man, Scottish Theatres Consortium, Nominated



Keith Fleming: 1 nomination

2007–08 Peer Gynt, National Theatre of Scotland, Won

Right: Keith Fleming in Peer Gynt. Photo: Douglas McBride


Peter Forbes: 1 nomination

2010–11 Educating Agnes, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated


Michael Glenn Murphy: 1 nomination

2007–08 Shining City, Rapture Theatre, Nominated


Sandy Grierson: 1 nomination

2006–07 Fergus Lamont, Communicado, Won


Paul Jesson: 1 nomination

2003–04 Death of a Salesman, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated


John Kazek: 1 nomination

2003–04 Pleasure and Pain, Citizens Theatre Company, Won


Stephen Kennedy: 1 nomination

2011–12 Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, Perth Theatre, Nominated


Dougal Lee: 1 nomination

2003–04 Man and Superman, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, Nominated


Kevin Lennon: 1 nomination

2009–10 The Elephant Man, Dundee Rep Theatre, Won


Billy Mack: 1 nomination

2008–09 The Sound of My Voice, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Stuart McQuarrie: 1 nomination

2006–07 Realism, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated



Gerry Mulgrew: 1 nomination

2007–08 Peer Gynt, National Theatre of Scotland, Won

Right: Gerry Mulgrew in Peer Gynt by Dundee Rep and the NTS. Photo: Douglas McBride


Tommy Mullins: 1 nomination

2005–06 Stacy. Hush Productions, Nominated


Gerard Murphy: 1 nomination

2012–13, Krapp's Last Tape, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Michael Nardone: 1 nomination

2011–12 Men Should Weep, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated


Grant O'Rourke: 1 nomination

2012–13, The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, The Gilded Balloon, Nominated


Iain Robertson: 1 nomination

2012–13, Takin' Over the Asylum, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Billy Seymour: 1 nomination

2008–09 Pornography, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Nabil Shaban: 1 nomination

2004–05 Threepenny Opera, Theatre Workshop, Nominated


Ian Smith: 1 nomination

2010–11 My Hands Are Dancing But My Heart Is Cold, Ian Smith, Nominated


David Tennant: 1 nomination

2004–05 Look Back in Anger, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Won


Jimmy Yuill

2009–10 Testament Of Cresseid, Edinburgh International Festival, Nominated



Matthew Zajac: 1 nomination

2008–09 The Tailor of Inverness, Dogstar Theatre Company, Won

Right: Matthew Zajac as his own father in The Tailor of Inverness by Dogstar Theatre






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