Shortlists by female performance


Female performers in alphabetical order

Maureen Beattie: 2 nominations

2011–12 27, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated

2012–13, The List, Stellar Quines, Nominated


Cora Bissett: 1 nomination

2008–09 Midsummer, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Selina Boyack: 1 nomination

2003–04 8000 Meters, Suspect Culture, Nominated


Kirsty Bushell: 1 nomination

2007–08 Angels in America, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Carol Ann Crawford: 1 nomination

2005–06 Further than the Furthest Thing, Prime Productions, Nominated


Abigail Davies: 1 nomination

2004–05 Standing Wave, Reeling and Writhing, Nominated


Cait Davis: 1 nomination

2003–04 Those Eyes That Mouth, Grid Iron, Won


Kate Dickie: 1 nomination

2010–11 Any Given Day, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Suzanne Donaldson: 2 nominations

2004–05 Baby Doll, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated

2009–10 The Dark Things, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Blythe Duff: 2 nominations

2010–11 Good With People, A Play, a Pie and a Pint, Nominated

2012–13, Iron, Firebrand Theatre Company, Won


Christine Entwisle: 1 nomination

2004–05 The Wonderful World of Dissocia, Edinburgh International Festival, Won


Suzie Ferguson: 1 nomination

2009–10 Sick, Theatre Modo, Nominated


Meg Fraser: 1 nomination

2006–07 Tom Fool, Citizens Theatre Company, Won


Molly Innes: 1 nomination

2004–05 One Day All This Will Come to Nothing, Traverse Theatre Company, Nominated


Cara Kelly: 2 nominations

2005–06 Molly Sweeney, Citizens Theatre Company, Won

2009–10 The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated



Irene Macdougall: 3 nominations

2003–04 Scenes From an Execution, Dundee Rep Theatre, Nominated

2006–07 Sweet Bird of Youth, Dundee Rep Theatre, Nominated

2008–09 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Dundee Rep Theatre, Won

Right: Irene Macdougall as Martha, opposite Alan Burgon as Nick, in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at Dundee Rep Pic: Douglas Robertson


Amy Manson: 2 nominations

2007–08 Six Characters in Search of an Author, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Won

2012–13, A Doll's House, National Theatre of Scotland and Royal Lyceum Theatre, Nominated


Alexandra Mathie: 1 nomination

2002–03 Wit, Stellar Quines, Won


Gemma McElhinney: 1 nomination

2010–11 The Monster in the Hall, TAG, Nominated



Mercy Ojelade: 1 nomination

2010–11 Roadkill, Ankur Productions, Won

Right: Mercy Ojelade in Roadkill by Ankur Productions and Pachamama Productions Pic: Tim Morozzo


Alison Peebles: 1 nomination

2007–08 Happy Days, Dundee Rep Theatre, Nominated


Gabriel Quigley: 1 nomination

2008–09 Bliss/Mud, Tron Theatre Company, Nominated


Sally Reid: 2 nominations

2007–08 The Wall, Borderline Theatre Company, Nominated

2011–12 Days of Wine and Roses, Theatre Jezabel, Nominated


Jill Riddiford: 2 nominations

2005–06 A Kind of Alaska, The Arches, Nominated

2006–07 Bed Among the Lentils, Tron Theatre Company,, Nominated



Ann Louise Ross: 1 nomination

2011–12 Further than the Furthest Thing, Dundee Rep Theatre, Won

Right: Ann Louise Ross in Dundee Rep's Further than the Furthest Thing Pic: Douglas McBride


Gerda Stevenson: 2 nominations

2006–07 Frozen, Rapture Theatre, Nominated

2008–09 The Lasses O, Rowan Tree Theatre, Nominated


Sian Thomas: 1 nomination

2009–10 The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia?, Traverse Theatre Company, Won


Susan Vidler: 1 nomination

2011–12 Knives in Hens, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated


Eileen Walsh: 1 nomination

2012–13, Quiz Show Traverse Theatre Company Nominated


Sophie Ward: 1 nomination

2003–04 Nothing, Citizens Theatre Company, Nominated


Cath Whitefield: 1 nomination

2005–06 Home: East Lothian, National Theatre of Scotland, Nominated






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